Renal milk of calcium cysts

Renal milk of calcium refers to the viscous colloidal suspension of calcium salts found either within a calyceal diverticulum or within a simple renal cyst. Unlike stones, milk of calcium is typically asymptomatic and does not require intervention. In fact, shock wave lithotripsy is ineffective for the treatment. The etiology of milk of calcium is… … Sigue leyendo Renal milk of calcium cysts

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Renal angiomyolipoma

A classic angiomyolipoma (AML) has abundant fat and therefore appears hyperechoic on a sonogram, similar to the sinus fat. Acoustic shadowing may be seen in up to a 3rd of the lesions. Unlike stones, these lesions do not typically exhibit twinkle artefact on color Doppler. Definitive diagnosis of AML is possible only by CT or… … Sigue leyendo Renal angiomyolipoma

Renal abscess

A middle-aged man with diabetes mellitus type 2 presented with fever, chills and malaise. Urinalysis revealed pyuria and was positive for nitrite. Renal sonogram demonstrated a heterogeneous mass-like structure in the mid right kidney extending over the lower pole. CT scan and MRI with contrast were suggestive of renal abscess. A drainage catheter was placed… … Sigue leyendo Renal abscess

184. Litiasis renales. Rx, TC y Ecografía.

Cuando realizamos una eco abdominal o urológica, un de los objetivos prioritarios es la localización de litiasis renales. En algunas ocasiones la paciente puede no tener ecografías previas, quizá el episodio de CRU (Crisis Reno Ureteral) ha sido reciente y único, pero en ocasiones, son recurrentes y las pacientes tienen previas, ecografías, placas de abdomen … Sigue leyendo 184. Litiasis renales. Rx, TC y Ecografía.

Massive lymphocele associated with renal allograft hydronephrosis

Approximately 3 weeks after deceased donor kidney transplantation, a patient developed oliguric renal failure. Renal sonogram demonstrated moderate hydronephrosis of the renal allograft secondary to compression of the transplanted ureter by a large fluid collection in the pelvis (Figure 1, top panel). CT scan confirmed the same (Figure 2) and the patient underwent ultrasound-guided drainage… … Sigue leyendo Massive lymphocele associated with renal allograft hydronephrosis

Complex pleural effusion

As we saw before, a simple transudative pleural effusion is anechoic. On the other hand, presence of echogenicities in the effusion is suggestive of complex/exudative pleural effusion. The term ‘plankton sign’ is often used to indicate debris appearing as swirling, punctiform echoes in such effusions and may indicate infection or hemothorax depending on the clinical… … Sigue leyendo Complex pleural effusion


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